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Ole Miss Archive & Preservation
Ole Miss Archive & Preservation

Archive & Preservation

Cutting-edge archive and preservation services offered by NASCAR Productions breathe new life into old video and audio, ensuring that your legacy content can be used and enjoyed now and in the future.

Your history has been captured on video throughout the decades, but time, the elements and repeated use have taken a heavy toll. Film may be degrading, oxidizing or covered with rust from aging reels. Tape spools might be cracked. The elements or a disaster may have damaged the tape.

We can help your history stay alive with our archive and preservation services. Our skilled technicians can organize, secure and restore damaged video, converting it to modern digital formats that can be used for a variety of content needs for generations to come. Your history also is safe for future decades through complete, secure storage solutions with bar-coded inventory control that we can design and build.

A number of prestigious collegiate athletic departments and groups have called upon NASCAR Productions to perform this vital work with skill and care, including the University of Alabama, University of South Carolina and the Atlantic Coast Conference. Don’t wait until it’s too late to save your precious history on film.