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NASCAR Productions Edit & Audio Suites
NASCAR Productions Edit & Audio Suites

Edit & Audio Suites

When it comes to putting the special touches on client content, NASCAR Productions has the editing and audio equipment and experience to add magic to the post-production process for any project.

We boast 25 Final Cut/Mac-based editing rooms, including 10 low-resolution suites, 11 finishing suites and four audio suites all operating from a shared, file-based workflow.

The low-res suites are the starting point of post-production, and the finishing suites feature a full complement of Final Cut Studio and Adobe Production Suite applications, as well as Genarts Sapphire and Magic Bullet plug-ins including Looks and Primatte Keyer, to refine a rough cut into a polished gem. Four of the finishing suites offer space to accommodate clients who want to actively participate in the editing process.

Our four audio suites each are equipped with Fairlight mixers, voiceover recording capabilities and ISDN lines, enhancing all video content with the power of crystal-clear sound.