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A Video Tour of Our Facility
A Video Tour of Our Facility

Event Access & Footage Licensing

As the exclusive, worldwide rights holder and licensor of all NASCAR Event Footage shot on track property during a NASCAR sanctioned event, NASCAR Productions is the source for licensing event footage or securing track access to record your own materials. Our video capabilities and footage includes:

  • All footage of race action and event subject matter
  • Ancillary activities in the infield regardless of the source of such footage
  • Network coverage of races or events
  • Interviews or other footage shot anywhere inside the facilities infield or outside if owned by facility

Event Access

NASCAR Productions solely manages all video access to NASCAR sanctioned events. NASCAR Productions can provide your crew with access to film original footage beginning 48 hours prior to the opening of registration for any sanctioned event and concluding 24 hours after the end of the event.

The process of recording original materials from one of NASCAR’s event weekends does require paperwork. Please complete the online event access form and our staff will contact you.

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Footage Licensing

We own one of the world’s largest State-of-the-Art Digital Asset Management Systems which houses over 50 years of historical NASCAR footage making us the destination for access to NASCAR video content.

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