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A Video Tour of Our Facility

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Footage Licensing Policy

Thank you for your interest in licensing NASCAR footage for your video project. NASCAR Productions currently houses the world's largest library of NASCAR event footage and should be able to meet all of your NASCAR footage needs. In order to proceed with your request, please read the below and complete the form on below.

  • Price quotes will be provided only after written request with the submission of our footage request form. This form is not a contract. You will not be automatically charged upon receipt of your request form - we will contact you about your request.
  • A DVD screener will incur a minimum production fee of $300. For more complicated or extensive requests, additional fees will apply ($100/hour library search services and $125/hour for edit services). For an additional fee (based on tape stock) we can also provide screeners on Beta SP, Digi-Beta, DVCam and Mini-DV.
  • NASCAR Productions works off of screeners only. You will need to edit with the screener and then submit your order for the master material.
  • Master orders (from a screener tape) carry a minimum production fee of $175. This fee includes one hour edit, tape stock and shipping. For more complicated or extensive requests, additional fees will apply ($125 per hour for edit services).
  • High Definition footage is also available and carries additional production costs, please contact us for a quote.
  • Master orders based on screener tapes are expected to include source tape information and shot description to accompany the time code selections. This will speed up the ordering process and help eliminate dubbing errors.
  • NO master order will be released until NASCAR Productions has received a signed footage licensing agreement. Client will be responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the footage license agreement and this document.
  • NASCAR does not license footage of accidents, injuries or violent crashes. NASCAR does not typically license footage of one-on-one interviews or footage in which the broadcaster's talent is visible. Those projects seeking an exemption to this policy must request one in writing.
  • All requests for footage to be included into a television program, public service announcement, film or documentary type project are subject to review and approval by NASCAR Productions.
  • NASCAR Productions, at its discretion, may reserve the right to request an "up front payment" for all new clients and for any returning clients it deems necessary. "Up front payment" means that payment for the screener material (check, money order and credit cards {Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express} accepted) must be made BEFORE screener material is released to the client.
  • All master materials released by NASCAR Productions are the exclusive property of NASCAR and must be returned to NASCAR Productions, Attn: Footage Licensing Department, 550 S. Caldwell Street, Suite 500, Charlotte, NC 28202 at the client's expense promptly following the final edit of the project.
  • Client will also be responsible for providing a DVD copy of the final edited project for our archival use only.
  • All prices for production services and licensing are subject to change without notice.