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NASCAR Productions Transmission & Duplication
NASCAR Productions Transmission & Duplication

Transmissions & Duplication

Delivery is the crucial final step to providing great content to viewers and consumers. NASCAR Productions puts the transmission of all programming into drive with flawless execution and also offers a full line of duplication services.

We have the equipment and experienced personnel to transmit live shots, tape feeds, downlinks and more, whether it’s via satellite or nine fiber-optic lines ranging in capacity from 45 to 270 megabytes. Every popular North American format is offered for transmission.

Cross-conversion between all HD resolutions and SD is available, and audio mixes can be sent or received in Dolby 5.1.

We also can duplicate video and audio on nearly every medium and in almost all formats and codecs in the industry, including those suitable for digital applications, ensuring your quality content is distributed in every way possible.