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'Darrell Waltrip, A Hometown Hero'
'Darrell Waltrip, A Hometown Hero'

Branded Entertainment

NASCAR Productions has extensive experience producing programming that tells an entertaining story for viewers while deftly delivering the message and brand of a participating company or entity.

We have developed branded programming for such industry giants as PepsiCo, Goodyear, Craftsman and Toyota, creating product and brand awareness in a unique, effective platform. These shows have been broadcast on a range of networks, including ABC, FOX, SPEED and more.

Flexibility and creativity are hallmarks of branded entertainment created by NASCAR Productions. We have worked with Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew to create specials such as “Together: The Story of Hendrick Motorsports,” narrated by Tom Cruise, and “Darrell Waltrip: A Hometown Hero,” narrated by Bill Engvall.

Goodyear and Craftsman received exposure through the “Road to Daytona” NASCAR season preview that documented the drama of the preseason leading up to season opener.